Journal of Sustainability Science and Development

The journal of sustainability science and development is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal aims to publish scientific articles in the field of sustainability science and development. Sustainability science investigates interactions between global, social and human systems, multifaceted process leading to degradation of these systems and how it has affected human life. The key challenge of sustainability science is to assess range of possible future directions under the conditions of uncertainty and complexity, and offer science-based innovative solutions.

This journal is a platform for developing sustainability science as growing issues within an interdisciplinary character of society, natural, science, technology and policy and how it has implemented in the development.


Focus and Scope :

  • Innovation management, entrepreneurship and SDGs
  • Integrated natural resources management
  • Regional planning and infrastructure development
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Social conflict, empowerment and social capital
  • Sustainable agri-food system and development
  •  Public health and SDGs
  • Landscape ecology
  • Energy, utilities and environment